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Sodium Sulphite Technical Grade.

Sodium Sulphite Technical Grade

Chemical Formula : Na2SO3
Other names : Sodium Pyrosulphite
Sodium Disulphite
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Physical Appearance : White Free flowing Powder.
Purity as Na2SO3 : 92% Minimum
Alkalinity as Na2 O : 2% Maximum
Iron as Fe : 10 PPM Maximum
Heavy Metals as Pb : 10 PPM Maximum

  • 1.It is mostly used in finished Leather industries.
  • 2.It is used in as an Oxygen scavenger in water treatment.
  • 3.It is used for the manufacture of high quality papers.
  • 4.It is also used in electroplating industry.

It is packed and available in 25 kgs Net HM polyethelned bags over packed by HDPE Bags.

Store in a dry room temperature. It absorbs moisture and oxidizes, if the packing is not kept closed.

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