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Sodium Metabisulphite Technical Grade.

Sodium Metabisulphite Technical Grade

Chemical Formula : Na2 S2 O5
Other names : Sodium Pyrosulphite
Sodium Disulphite
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Physical Appearance : White Free Flowing Crystalline Powder.
Purity as So2 Content : 64.5% Minimum
Iron as Fe : 10 PPM Maximum.
Heavy Metals as Pb : 2 PPM Maximum.
Selenium : 3 PPM Maximum
Arsenic : 1 PPM Maximum
Copper : 2 PPM Maxmimum
Zinc : 2 PPM Maximum

1.Pharmaceutical Industries:

It goes as one of the main rawmaterial for Bulk Drugs. It is also used as a reducing agent in Pharmaceuticals. It is used as an antioxidant in injectable medicines and drugs.

2.Water Treatment plants:

It plays an important role in the treatment of water and wastewater. It assists in the dechlorination of drinking water as well as in waste water to remove chlorine. It is also used in the process of purifying water, cleaning water pipes and Reverse Osmosis membranes. It acts as an Oxygen Scavanger in water treatment. It is also used as a effluent treatment chemical.

3.Leather Industries:

It is used as Leather processing chemical during the deliming process. It also acts as a bleaching agent and makes leather soft, well developed, water proof etc., It is also used in finished leather manufacturing.
4. Photographic Industries: It is mostly used in photographic industries for production of developer solution/acidizing fixation baths.

5. Pulp and Textiles: It is used as a bleaching agent in pulp and textile industries.

6. Rubber Industries: It is used as coagulative agnet for rubber industries.

7. Acrylic Fibres : Chemical synthesis in manufacturing of Acrylic fibres and Acrylic sheets.

8. Dye Industries : It acts as dechlorination agent in dye industries.

9. Gold Mining Industries : It is used in Mining industries as floating agent.

It is packed and available in 50 kgs Net HM polyethelned bags over packed by HDPE Bags.

Store in a dry room temperature. It absorbs moisture and oxidizes, if the packing is not kept closed.

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