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Sodium Sulphite Superfine Grade.

Sodium Sulphite Superfine Grade

Chemical Formula : Na2 so3
magna chemicals

Physical Appearance : White Shinning Crystalline Powder.
Purity as Na2 so3 : 98% Minimum
Appearance of solution: 20% solution in distilled water shall be clear, colourless
Alkalinity as Na2 O : 0.15% Maximum
Iron as Fe : 10 PPM Maximum
Heavy Metals as Pb : 10 PPM Maximum

  • 1.It is used in bulk in Photographic Industry.
  • 2.It is used as an Oxygen scavenger in water treatment and as dechlorinising agent in various industries.
  • 3.It goes in pharmaceutical and drugs industries.
  • 4.It is used in finished leather manufacturing.
  • 5.It is also used in electroplating industry and for the manufacture of high quality papers.
  • 6.It is commonly used in Pulp and Paper, rubber industry, explosives, minerals, detergents and gold mining.

It is packed and available in 25 kgs Net HM polyethelned bags over packed by HDPE Bags.

Store in a dry room temperature. It absorbs moisture and oxidizes, if the packing is not kept closed.

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