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Pottassium Metabisulphite.

Pottassium Metabisulphite

Chemical Formula : K2 S2 O5
Other names : Pottassium Pyrosulphite
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Physical Appearance : White Free Flowing Crystalline Powder.
Purity as K2S2O5 : 95% Minimum
Iron as Fe : 5 PPM Maximum
Heavy Metals as Pb : 10 PPM Maximum
Selenium : 3 PPM Maximum
Arsenic : 3 PPM Maximum

1.Food/Sea food Industries:

It is commonly used as a food preservative for biscuits, dried foods, potato chips, fruit/vegeteable juices, pickles, chillies, dhall, jams and dried fruit snacks for keeping the items fresh and safe.

It is packed and available in 25 kgs Net HM polyethelned bags over packed by HDPE Bags or in 25 kgs Drums.

Store in a dry room temperature. It absorbs moisture and oxidizes, if the packing is not kept closed.

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