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Sodium Metabisulphite ISI Marked Food Grade.

Sodium Metabisulphite ISI Marked Food Grade

Chemical Formula : Na2 S2 O5
Other names : Sodium Pyrosulphite
Sodium Disulphite
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Physical Appearance : White Free Flowing Crystalline Powder.
Purity as So2 Content : 65% Minimum
Purity as SMBS : 96.5% Minimum
Iron as Fe : 5 PPM Maximum
Heavy Metals as Pb : 2 PPM Maximum
Selenium : 3 PPM Maximum
Arsenic : 1 PPM Maximum
Copper : 2 PPM Maxmimum
Zinc : 2 PPM Maximum
Mercury : 0.05 PPM Maximum

1.Food/Sea food Industries:

It is commonly used as a food preservative and anti fungal agent for biscuits, dried foods, potato chips, fruit/vegeteable juices, pickles, chillies, dhall, jams and dried fruit snacks for keeping the items fresh and safe.
It is mostly used in Sea food Industries for prawn and shrimps to remove black and brown spots. It is also used to preserve colour and inhibit fungi/bacterial growth on fresh or frozen shrimps and prawns.

2.Starch Industries:

It acts as a Preservative and bleaching agent in starch industries. It is added to the corn syrup as a preservative.

3.Water Treament plants:

It plays an important role in the treatment of water and wastewater. It assists in the dechlorination of drinking water as well as in waste water to remove chlorine. It is also used in the process of purifying water, cleaning water pipes and Reverse Osmosis membranes. It acts as an Oxygen Scavanger in water treatment.

4.Sugar Industries:

It acts as a Bleaching agent for Brown, Raw, powdered or white sugar.

5.Alcoholic Beverages:

It is used as a sterilizer and an antioxidant for wine and beer processing. It is used in all commercial wines to prevent oxidation and preserve flavor.

It is packed and available in 25 kgs Net HM polyethelned bags over packed by HDPE Bags.

Store in a dry room temperature. It absorbs moisture and oxidizes, if the packing is not kept closed.

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